Vocal Toning for Health

Vocal toning is the practice of making sustained vowel sounds with one’s voice for therapeutic or meditative purposes. It is one of the most effective, safest, easiest, most natural, and, inexpensive forms of sound therapy.  Vocal toning assists the body in releasing pent-up tension, stress and pain by using the natural vibrations generated by your speech to stimulate your body’s natural healing processes. The practice of vocal toning for therapeutic purposes dates back thousands of years.  Once you learn this simple practice you can easily integrate it into your daily life.


Toning requires deep breathing, bringing in the prana or life force energy into the body, oxygenat – ing all the body’s cells. This positively affects one’s physiology in several ways. It removes all the carbon dioxide, increasing the quality of one’s blood. Oxygenation of the brain increases clarity of thought. Deep breathing also increases muscle strength and reduces excessive anxiety levels. The movement of the lower and upper diaphragm massages the stomach, small intestine, liver, and pancreas, as well as the heart and improves cellular regeneration. Also, deep rhythmic breathing can change the heart rate, brain waves and one’s state of consciousness.

Sound Vibrations in Healing

As the sound vibrates inside your mouth, it is having a profound effect on the body’s two most important glands, laying just behind the upper pallet, the pituitary, and pineal glands. The pituitary gland is the master gland, affecting all the others, e.g., gonad, thyroid stimulating hormone, and cortisol. The pineal gland is considered the center of our spiritual energies. It produces melatonin, a hormone that affects our sleep. It also calcifies with age, possibly contributing to sleep problems as we age. Stimulation to these glands gets the molecules flowing which has biological effects.

Vowel Sounds

Vowel sounds are considered sacred to several cultural groups. The Egyptian culture, for example, has used vowel sound chants extending back to 4000 BC. The Kabbalah, an esoteric school of thought originating in Judaism, consider the vowel sounds to be vibrations of heaven. Don Campbell, an internationally respected sound healer, points out that church Latin has pure vowel sounds and the tone is longer on vowel sounds. Finally, vowel sounds create overtones, to most of us are not audible. However, they have a special healing effect on our body.


Setting an intention is a way to focus one’s attention on a way of “being” in the present moment and aligning with it. Setting an intention has the power to direct energy accordingly. With vocal toning, you set an intention. When vocalizing “ah” for example, you can embed the sound with the intention of gratitude, love, world peace, thus creating a healing effect.

Efficiency and Effective

Vocal toning is efficient. All you need is your voice and a chair. When you are ready to start, you are already there. No need for any special equipment or setting.2017 Paula Petry, PhD It is also effective. Self- created sounds increase our oxygen level, lymphatic circulation, melatonin, pain reliever hormones, nitric oxide which releases oxytocin and decreases blood pressure.

About the Author

Paula Petry PhD, is an author, speaker, presenter, and energy medicine practitioner. She specializes in stress and burnout, grief and loss, mindfulness, and personal empowerment. Dr. Petry has provided hundreds of energy medicine healing sessions to individuals with chronic pain, grief, depression, anxiety, burnout, and high levels of stress. Individuals consistently report higher satisfaction with their lives, a sense of renewal, and a new found purpose and meaning in their lives. Dr. Petry has presented to large audiences as well as small groups, totaling over 10,000 individuals. Presentations are designed to meet the needs of the organization on topics including stress and burnout, grief and loss, life after life, mindfulness strategies for well-being, shifting limiting beliefs, and wellness strategies to build one’s inner power.

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