Meditation Training and Education in Vero Beach & Miami, FL

At Alma Alternative Wellness Miami it is possible to receive a myriad of integral holistic services, in order to achieve your desired mental and physical health goals.

The scope of integral health goes beyond the focus on physical symptoms and traditional treatment methods implemented in standard Western Medicine. Within the integral scope mental health and emotional symptoms are highly considered in order to provide a targeted treatment. Therefore Meditation Training Miami includes the programs Meditation Education Miami and Meditation and Wellness Miami to tackle the hurdles of ailments brought on by the stress of a modern fast-paced lifestyle.

What is Meditation?

Modern humans are so caught up on electronic devices, apps, work, and a number of other distractions, that they live mostly in their minds, anticipating what can go wrong in the future; to the point where they fully disconnect from their physical body, and go on ignoring physical sensations eventually getting sick and burnt out. At Meditation Training Miami, mindful and conscious breathing techniques are re-learned to train our minds to respond differently to stressful situations and overwhelming external stimuli.

Importance of Meditation

Optimal mental health relies heavily on being able to remain in the present moment. At Meditation Education Miami, tools and strategies are provided to be in contact with our breathing, thus present in the moment; letting thoughts come and go, therefore being in sync with our breath, in a conscious and mindful manner. By being aware of our breathing, we allow ourselves to feel every inch of our physical body and connect with the moment; as a result we achieve a higher level of consciousness.

Meditation Training and Education.

Meditation and Wellness are essential components that cover both mental and physical health. The practice of breathing mindfully should go hand in hand with following a healthy diet and keeping an active lifestyle.

Integral lifestyle coaching at The Alma Community.

Wellness center Miami at the Alma Community supports the pursuit of living a full life, with the assistance of staff specialized and trained in a variety of Health and Wellness retreats disciplines, using a holistic approach. With the staff’s continued support and guidance, clients obtain results in a fraction of the time and price of standard Western Medicine.

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