What is Breathwork Wellness?

It is the practice of using controlled breathing techniques to lower the stress in daily life. It is a more active technique and quite different from meditation training. It shifts energy throughout the body and has a few different methods that are practiced.

Holotropic breathwork uses lively music and accelerated breathing techniques. Often students lie on mats with eyes closed using breathing techniques to lower stress. Sessions sessions vary and it is often practiced as a group activity.

Members of the group work alone or in pairs practicing being the breather or the sitter. They sometimes practice drawing mandalas a form of graphic design. Breathwork has historical connection to tai chi and Buddisim. It is connected to Asian and Indian cultures.

Breathwork uses innovative ideas and stir creativity.

It can be used to release triggers and trauma in the body. In this fast paced society, people have little time to process emotions. Breathwork can be a very positive way to heal from trauma. They practice breathing techniques that have an effect on the body and mind. It leads to more relaxation, better concentration, and emotional control.

Benefits of Breathwork

There are many benefits to breathwork. It is known to strengthen the immune system and improve alternative wellness Miami. It develops life skills, increases creativity, and improves personal and professional relationships. Breathwork reduces stress, increases confidence, and helps with overcoming addictions.

Breathwork has been used to help with depression, anger issues, anxiety, grief, and chronic pain. It is not a cure but technique to improve coping with emotions and pain more effectively.

Other Types of Breathwork

Conscious Energy Breathing or Rebirthing Breathwork uses breathing exercises to work on blocked feelings and emotions. An experienced instructor will teach students circular breathing. During the process they may experience strong feelings and emotions. This often involves a pause between breaths.

Clarity breathwork uses continuous breathing to set goals and relieve problems. Often given in individual sessions the student will have a counseling session first to set goals and work on specific issues. After this the breathwork session begins.

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