Personal Development Services in Miami & Vero Beach, FL

Personal Development Services are offered but not limited to mental health counseling, as well as self-awareness training, along with mindfulness training, Alma Community, as part of Personal Development Miami, offers team building, leadership training, and spiritual wellness. Alma Community was created out of the desire to create supportive environments for people from all walks of life who find the ability within them to create a balanced and fulfilled existence for themselves. Alma Community was founded to enhance Personal Development Miami only because we offer preventative as well as holistic wellness services. We try to give people the tools to create a new version of well being in an environment that creates communities.

We believe that each person has the innate ability to create their own version of well being because of training, experiential learning, and building a supportive community. There is a global network of healers, teachers, coaches, trainers, and entrepreneurs, with family and friends also involved. This is your key, your gateway to creating your own definition of what health is. Being well is your goal, we understand that. Our vision is about co-creating a global culture of feeling good, emphasizing the compassion inherent in making sure that individuals have the knowledge and tools to continue building a life of balance and fulfillment.

Corporate Retreats & Personal Development

Corporate Retreats in Florida are the key to Self-Improvement Miami. We work on company culture, individual health situations, wellness and leadership training here at Self-Improvement Miami. We also look at the structure of the environment you have to work in. We take into account the financial well being of the company and its sustainability. As a personal development agency, we offer workshops, classes, team building seminars, and retreats. We are also consultants because our team can travel to your office location although we have LifeCenters.

It helps to have a personal development plan that your personal development agency can carry out for your employees. Florida corporate retreats are designed to facilitate an environment where employees are able to find out what corporate wellness means to them as they figure out better ways of coping with fast-paced office environments. We offer team-building activities, yoga sessions, and other customized retreat options. Our retreat takes interpersonal relationships into consideration while taking workplace talents and abilities into the equation as well.

Alma Community also offers access to wellness practitioner’s teachers, coaches, entrepreneurs, and small businesses just so you can have expert guidance.

Alma Community was started as an antidote to silence the growing rates of chronic disease. The environment that she strives to provide on retreats is one that encourages connections with nature and community. This organization is designed to make a difference in your corporation. We have established Alma Life Center as a real-world way of accessing our services. Our corporate wellness retreats are done in Florida style, we try to empower employees who feel that they have a lot to juggle at work. We try to empower employees who want to enhance their talents, which they can learn at interpersonal corporate retreats. It helps to have a personal development plan while on retreat.

What are your goals? What do you want to achieve on retreat or at work? Having a personal development plan about this works a lot. We also offer alternative wellness plans that use acupuncture and other routines. Our programs can be just that customized, for each individual on retreat with us. Our flagship Alma Life Center is opening in Vero Beach this summer, 2019. The Alma Team has more details about retreats or more than that. We are about corporate wellness that Florida businesses can support.

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