The Importance of Creative Expression and Wellness

When thinking about health and wellness, some people’s minds go immediately to physical fitness. Working out, lifting weights, doing cardio, things to keep the body in shape. Others might think of mental health and wellness, but only in terms of going to a therapist or taking self-care days to themselves. Most people don’t think about creativity, and how much it could benefit their lives and their mental health if they were able to find a way to express themselves through creativity.

What is Creative Expression?

Creative expression is the ability to express and articulate your feelings and thoughts through methods different than just talking. There are countless amounts of creative activities you can partake in, which we will get into later in this article, but some of the most common ones include singing, dancing, painting, creative writing, or even something like photography and playing sports.

Wellness and Creative Expression

In the Recent Years, there has been a plethora of new data and research about creativity and its effect on your health. A 2010 study done by Stuckly and Noble concluded that creative expression has multiple psychological benefits and even some physical benefits in certain cases. They found that patients regularly partaking in creative activities had a decrease in depressive symptoms, a large decrease of stress, and a decent bump in positive thoughts and emotions. Sometimes changing where you are mentally can help change how you are physical, this is shown when some even reported improvements in their immune system functions after finding ways to express themselves creatively.

Slowly, more and more organizations are realizing the importance of creative expression, which is why there has been a Creative Expression Learning Center opened in Eureka, Missouri, and another one in Imperial, Missouri. At the Creative Expression Learning Center, children between the ages of 6 weeks to 12 years get taught in non-traditional ways, but instead in new age teaching with fun-filled creative learning methods and how to find ways to express yourself from a young age. Creative Expression Learning is something that will eventually make its way all around the world, and for good reason.

Types of Creative Expression

Almost anything could be considered a creative activity, it depends on each individual’s personal interests. With that said, these are the 4 most common types of creative expression.


This can entail anything from writing music, orchestrating music, playing an instrument, or being a vocalist. Anything involving the creation of music. You could even consider dancing to be part of music, but you could also count it as part of the next one

Bodily / Physical

Playing sports, going to the gym, long walks on the beach, anything that gets your body up and having fun.

Creative / Visual Arts

Drawing, painting, coloring, photography, videography, web design, creative writing, poetry, any type of creative expression that is nonmusical or nonphysical.


This is for people who love nature. Starting your own garden, tending to your plants, growing fruit and vegetables, cooking and culinary skills play a role as well. This can also include caring for animals or playing with your pets.

Creative Expression Ideas

If you’re a South Florida local, some of the best creative expression activities Miami has to offer are their many art clubs. In the past couple years Miami has become a central worldwide art destination, so it’s no surprise there are many expressive art groups and clubs that meet up, talk, mingle, and create. Some more creative expression activities Miami has includes yoga and exercise stations on the beach. If you can’t make it to Miami, some other creative ideas can be just doing karaoke at a karaoke bar or coloring in a coloring book, anything that makes you feel good and gets your creative juices flowing.

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