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History of Yoga

Yoga is one of the most popular forms of exercise in the world, but where exactly did it come from? This form of exercise can be traced back centuries and centuries, but it has not always been what we have come to know as yoga today. In fact, it didn’t originate as a form of […]

What is integrative medicine?

What is integrative medicine? Focus On Your Health And Mental Abilities: Find Out About Integrative Medicine There are people who are suffering from ailments that should have proper treatment. To focus on their health, some choose to learn about integrative Chinese Medicine. This type of medicine promotes holistic healing and wellness. Gradually, the person will […]

Top 10 Women Retreats

Most women wear many hats and try to do it all. If this resonates with you, you might know that when you’re feeling overwhelmed, adding more to your to-do list isn’t the answer.

5 Types of Meditation

No matter how you look at it, life can get pretty hectic. In between family and work demands, there are times when it’s downright overwhelming.

Miami Wim Hof Therapy and Expert

Are You Ready to Try the Wim Hof Method in Miami? How does running a marathon in the snow with bare feet sound to you? Or, how about sitting in an ice bath for 30 minutes?

Vocal Toning for Health

Vocal Toning for Health Vocal toning is the practice of making sustained vowel sounds with one’s voice for therapeutic or meditative purposes.

Helping Your Spouse With Mental Illness

Sometimes, couples might resent what they do not understand. This may happen to you when your spouse becomes withdrawn or frequently takes offense to what you say.

It’s OK to be Terrible at Meditating

As a teacher of mindfulness, I’ve heard so many people tell me, “I can’t sit still for a minute,” or “I can’t quiet my mind, so I just don’t do it”. Good.

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