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We are a lifestyle company committed to connecting individuals and organizations with the global wellness community through our platform of places and experiences.

Alma Community was born out of the desire to support people from all walks of life in finding the ability within themselves to create balanced and fulfilled lives. The company was founded on the vision of creating an accessible platform for everyone to receive preventive and holistic wellness services, education and tools for creating their own version of well-being in an environment that connects nature and community. As a global community of wellness professionals, we collectively believe that each person has the innate ability to create their own version of well-being through training, experiential learning, and community support.

Sixteen years in the making, we are overjoyed to present you with a global network of expert healers, teachers, coaches, trainers, entrepreneurs, family, and friends, providing you a doorway to creating your own definition of health and well-being through the Alma Community platform.

The universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself; everything that you want, you already are.

– Rumi

Our Vision

Co-create a global culture of well-being and compassion by connecting individuals with the knowledge and tools to live a balanced and fulfilled life.

Our Mission

To be an accessible platform of wellness professionals, places and experiences for adults consisting of programming delivered at our flagship Alma Life Center, in group travel and through customized corporate wellness programs.

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